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Sleep disorders can be frustrating, scary, terrifying and even life threatening. This article cover the ten most common and scary of all the sleep disorders.
Published by Jerry Walch 77 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +16 votes | 6 comments
Nose bleeding could be a symptom of a deviated septum. Find out how this is remedied.
Published by Patrick Regoniel 74 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +13 votes | 6 comments
According to the National Institute of Health, an estimated twelve million Americans (1 out of 25) are affected with sleep apnea (sometimes called sleep apnea syndrome). Of two major kinds, “obstructive” sleep apnea (the more common), and “central” sleep apnea, this condition can be quite frightening for both the person who wakes up gasping for air, as well as for the loved one who may be near.
Published by James R. Coffey 89 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +11 votes | 7 comments
What is Sleep Apnea? Sleep Apnea Symptoms and sings. Types of Sleep Apnea.
Published by Sourav RC 91 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +10 votes | 2 comments
Sleep is as essential for the normal functioning of the human body as food and drink. Doctors do not completely understand why we need sleep, but we do understand what happens when we are asleep.
Published by Glen Road 102 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +10 votes | 2 comments
Most of the times, we are unaware with our sleeping behaviors, the manner of sleeping, our positions and most especially of our breathing. It is in this way that we hardly know that we are already suffering from a certain sleeping disorder. Yes, even in our sleep, we sometimes suffer from a disorder which canÂ’t be easily detected because of us being unconscious about it. One of the most common sleeping disorders already known is the sleep apnea.
Published by Rosita Barbo 93 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +9 votes | 5 comments
Kleine-Levin syndrome, which is commonly referred to as sleeping beauty syndrome, is a condition of the neurological system of some people which causes them to have periods of eating or sleeping in unreasonable amounts. When this type of syndrome begins an individual generally sleeps the majority of the day and also of the night. An individual's behavior changes and they may experience confusion, lethargy, apathy, or be disorientated. Kleine-levin syndrome can cause an individual to be bedridden...
Published by Bobby Crain 71 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +7 votes | 0 comments
sleep is one of the important things that a person should have enough but to some people getting sleep is very hard to attain because of many factors.
Published by Felisa Daskeo 80 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +7 votes | 1 comments
Snoring disorder affects million of adults and can have a serious impact on your health. Herbal treatments exist to help reduce snoring symptoms and certain herbs are found to be useful in battling the effects of snoring.
Published by Tamara Laschinsky 88 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +7 votes | 2 comments
Sleep apnea is a common disorder which prevents a person from getting restive sleep. Snoring, gasping for breath, tiredness and sleeplessness are the most common symptoms of this disorder. If left untreated, it could lead to serious health problems like diabetes and heart diseases. Lifestyle changes and medical devices can give relief from sleep apnea.
Published by deepa venkitesh 73 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +6 votes | 5 comments
Readers will learn what the sleep apnea is, its symptoms and treatment.
Published by Mustafa Alkan 102 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +6 votes | 0 comments
Sleep apnea cures really are a breath of fresh air for those suffering from the problem. Obstructive sleep apnea happens when a person temporarily stops breathing or has shallow breathing during their sleep.
Published by Cynthia Roberts 88 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +5 votes | 3 comments
Sleep Apnea effects 1 out of 10 people. There are natural ways that you can help alleviate the problem.
Published by Lorie Spencer 98 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +4 votes | 0 comments
Snoring is virtually always present with sufferers of Apnea. Chronic Sinusitis and snoring are sometimes caused by something that is a common anatomic variant called "Concha Bullosa..."
Published by thestickman 99 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +4 votes | 9 comments
Sleep Apnea: Causes, Types and Treatment
Published by Shweta Bose 75 months ago in Sleep Apnea | +3 votes | 0 comments
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